Black Abstract

Black Abstract

Black color is the most common and most controversial color. Despite the fact that this color is missing in the spectrum, it is very fashionable, important and used in many areas of life.
The black color value vary in different cultures. Often the black color carries information on grief, negativity and suffering, but not always. Interestingly, for example, in Egypt and many Eastern cultures, there is positive value in black, which is associated with resurrection, rebirth and a new beginning.
The color black is essentially a negation of all other colors, therefore, it is chosen in cases when you want to draw attention not to the color, and the form and content of the object. Here we are talking largely about conservatism and commitment to tradition. In addition, it should be noted that recently very pronounced solemn black color value, its grandiosity and solidity. No wonder this color is used in the clothing business when they want to show themselves as reliable and valuable partners.
Along with restraint and stealth black, it is a mystical, containing the unknown truth. It is also known the creative value of the black, this color is inherent in the people inclined to train others to the knowledge of the world. In addition, the black color is associated with the use of force and intolerance to weakness.
The black color can hide what it has. Thus people who prefer this color tend to hide their true nature.
Black is the end and the beginning. Black night – the end of the day, but the beginning of the next beginning of a new unknown life. black abstract seeks to control everything and influence things.

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Black Abstract
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