Earth From Space

Earth From Space

There have been many attempts to describe the change of perception, which is often experienced by the astronauts looking at the Earth from orbit or from the moon. Perhaps the most fully this phenomenon in the book is Frank white «the overview Effect», first published in 1987.

If the effect of the review is the change in perception that occurs when a person looks at Earth from space, the orbital point of view derives from that change, determining how we will use such experience.

The impact of space travel on the astronauts ‘ perception interested not only in white. One of the most frequent questions about staying and working in space, what I asked was: «What’s it like to look from space to the Earth?» To describe this rare experience, I can only compare it to experiences that you can get while on Earth. Earth from space hd wallpaper will show you all the beauty of our motherland.

When we sit on the beach and watch the waves of the ocean, we can be very far from the point on the surface of the ocean that directed our opinion, but we are physically connected with her through the beach and water. But when I looked at the Earth from space, I was physically separated from the seen beauty, and separated her from me emptiness, the void, the abyss of nothingness. Besides, I happily hovered over (or under — it depends on which way you look) the subject of their observation, devoid of tangible links with him through gravity or other material mechanism.

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Earth From Space
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