Galaxy wallpaper

Our planet seems huge, but do not forget that it is only a small part of a giant galaxy
Here are some interesting facts about the galaxy and some amazing galaxy wallpaper. The galaxy in which we live has a spiral shape. At its center is the jumper.
More than half of all studied galaxies have this shape, so the milky way belongs to a common type galaxy.
Any spiral galaxy includes so-called sleeves, are arranged in the form of wheel spokes, starting from the center. The solar system is located in the sleeve of Orion.
In the center of the galaxy is a huge mass and size of the black hole. In General, astronomers discovered many objects, most of them in two hundred thousand times exceeds weight of the Sun.
In the Central part of the galaxy very actively in the process of star formation, when people die of «old» stars, and their place pretty quickly is a new celestial body.
Every year in the galaxy appears to 7 new stars, and every 50 years one of the biggest stars explodes and forms a so-called supernova.
The milky way contains about 100 billion stars of various sizes and about 200 billion planets. The distance between the edges of our galaxy is so large that the light will be able to overcome this distance for 97,8 thousand years.
The solar system is located in one of the galactic arms and around the center of the core of the milky way full makes one revolution for 230 million years.

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