Grey Abstract

Grey Abstract

Grey Abstract is neither colour, nor light, dark. It is totally annoying and has no mental tendencies. Grey is the neutral of both subject and object, inside and outside, it is neither tension nor relaxation. Grey is not a territory that can revive, but just the border; the border as no man’s land, the border as a contour as the dividing line, as an abstract divide, to separate from each other opposites, «gray is the only area» as an abstraction.
Those who chooses the first place gray color, the border, it is not willing to give himself and wants to protect themselves from all influences, not to get excited. When you’re exhausted (as an expression of the barriers) and in the examination situation as yourself not willing to give up, gray often prefer others. Whoever chooses grey in the place wants to attract to its borders, what other can be perceived as interference. it thinks gray is boring and lifeless banishes him peace at the last position in the row. it prefers everyone else, full of passion color come together with their inconsistent stress, because they Express stimulating experiences. it who rejects grey, bound because of their willingness to initiate and afraid to be bypassed. it would like to exhaust all possibilities in an effort to achieve the goal, along with the state, free from excitement. The one who puts grey into second place, divides his world, on the one hand, on the area of compensatory over-estimate, which is represented by color, standing in the first place, and on the other hand, the area represented by all the other next-to-gray, devalued or pushed flowers, or life opportunities.

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Grey Abstract
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