We’ve just added 26 new wallpapers, which show amazing views of Mars.
Space has always inspired mankind, humans have sought to conquer the peaks of the stellar and find out what holds the celestial abyss. Were the first steps on the moon, who proclaimed the great progress around the world. Each country strives to make a particularly significant discovery, which will specialize in history. However, the level of scientific achievements and modern technical equipment does not allow you to conquer the distant and mysterious celestial body. How many times a theory was conducted expedition to Mars, the implementation of which in practice at present is very difficult. But scientists believe that in the next decade human foot set foot on the red planet. And who knows what surprises await us there. The hope of the presence of extraterrestrial life stirs many minds

A year ago, the Mars Rover «Curiosity» landed on Mars in Gale crater. Since that time he has transmitted to Earth about 72 thousands of images of Mars, has made about 75 thousand laser pulses to study the Martian rocks. With the help of the Rover made several scientific discoveries, including the existence of water on Mars. You can see pictures of «Curiosity» here.

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