Orange Abstract

Orange Abstract

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In the Munsell color tree, the most accurate system of classification of colors — separate the orange isn’t a color — it is yellow — red, additional transitional color. Orange as a separate color is artificially selected artists.
Brown and beige is a derivative of orange. Beige — orange + grey, light grey. And the brown — orange + black, grey-black.

Associative orange is the warmest hue of the spectrum; it is believed that the cold shades he not. If you do not take into account gray-brown. In relation to the color types it is really so. It is also associative. But the terms of compatibility all the more difficult.

Any shade of human skin is a shade of orange=) Even the ones that appear pink are either from a completely covered and bright orange or warm coral (orange — red). If you’re interested, you check=)
Orange like the color of warm color wheel, the pole is associative of heat, draws attention to objects and «brings» them. As with red, when combined with cold shades of a color circle, orange is the accent color and the cold part of the circle background.

Derived shades of orange terracotta, red, Golden beige, chocolate brown) stimulate appetite.
The word orange literally means «orange» and borrowed from Indo — Iranian languages of Persian, “narang» in Europe, and through Europe to Russia. Although there were facts and direct borrowing in the form of color «Naranja», but they did not stick. Actually, the color orange literally orange, even if it’s orange abstract. In Russia, those who do not know foreign, with orange the word orange is not directly linked, because the word «orange» I come from Europe, but a branch of the Germanic languages as «Chinese Apple». So there are two names for the same concept.

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Orange Abstract
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