Purple Abstract

Purple Abstract

The color purple is a mixture of red and blue. Abstract purple wallpaper is trying to create a single fusion of opposites, that is of red color, like the impetuous conqueror, and blue, as a gentle dedication; and, therefore, is an expression of identification. Such identification is a delicate feeling, which becomes the only possible emotion, so all that I think and want needs to be true. This power is called magic, magic, and it is the value of purple. Those who prefer purple color, it was like a magical relationship. it wants to be bewitched, but it wished himself to have magic power and impressive charm, as in the magic identification is destroyed contrast between subject and object. The purple color — it can be identification as an erotic fusion, or as intuitive and sensual understanding. But it can mean simply unity. So, testing of 1600 students who have not reached puberty, showed that 75% expressed a preference for purple. Statistics of test results of 1000 Iranians, blacks from Tanganika and Gao and Indians of Central Brazil reveals a marked preference for purple.
If the purple color chooses in eighth place, the sensual erotic desire merge, magic, identify with your partner hiding a secret, because there are no preconditions. From here there is often not detectable isolation and the desire to create clear relationships. Ability to emotional feeling and the need for magic enchantment is transferred to such objects that require aesthetic evaluation and implementation and are often the professional task.

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Purple Abstract
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