Red Abstract

Red Abstract

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From all colors of the spectrum red causes the strongest physiological response — increased heart. Red will not allow you to pass by, he immediately attracts attention and is in control. In nature red is the color of abundance, it evokes such strong emotions that will depend on the situation, because it is associative it can be the color of love, of rage, of celebration, of fun. The color red represents power, breakthrough, the will to win, usually it is chosen by people who always achieve their goals, it facilitates the statement about the power and possibilities.

Read abstract wallpapers can cause a person has a strong desire for action, vigorous effort — for example, to purchase the advertised product. Cries out for attention. Has a definite sexual charge.

The possible negative Association: the Abundance of red can cause irritation and even rage. To achieve harmony, it can be combined with other more peaceful shades, for example gray.

Psychologists have found that color significantly affects the psycho-emotional human perception of different things. Because the colors appeal to the senses rather than the logic of man. When creating a design, whether it’s a corporate identity or packaging a new product, you need to consider a certain relation between color and a natural perception of his person.

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Red Abstract
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