The stars beckon and fascinate with their mysterious shimmer, surprise not available mysteries and unexplained phenomena. For two centuries, astronomers observe the star Epsilon in the constellation of Auriga. It emits ten thousand times more light than the Sun, and two hundred times greater than its diameter. But the giant bright star still remains for scientists a riddle.
It is known that Epsilon is drawn around the unknown object. Every twenty-seven years, the star dims. It starts Eclipse this strange object. Eclipse of the star Epsilon Auriga drawn inexplicably long two years. This is a record among all known eclipses. Moreover, a mysterious neighbor closes a huge star as a whole. His size is monstrous. It is three thousand times more than our Sun. According to the estimates of astrophysicists, it is the largest object in space. But most importantly, it is absolutely invisible from the Ground. How is this possible?
But that’s not all. About the middle of the Eclipse fully enclosed aurigae constellation begins to flash. The light, pulsating with a certain frequency passes through the closing star of a dark object. It turns out that great cosmic entity has no solid structure. In the invisible screen has holes in it. But most scientists struck another incomprehensible phenomenon: over the last century the duration of the total phase of the Eclipse of the star Epsilon Auriga has increased by a quarter. Is the mysterious neighbor of the earth star grow? What is the object significantly changing its size, revolves around giant stars? What will happen to the star if the mysterious object will continue to grow?
While heavenly mystery remains unsolved.

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