White Abstract

White Abstract

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Symbolic meaning of white color is very unusual. White symbolizes the spiritual, intangible world, and the light itself (the white robes of the angels, for example). And light is and human consciousness, and a higher, divine power. By the way, the light and consciousness is confirmed by modern science which proves that consciousness is basically structured light (elements of nerve cells called microtubules transmit photons of light from cell to cell, and when the electrical activity in these cells for some reason is inhibited, the person loses consciousness!)

White also represents goodness and peace (the white flag as a symbol of surrender, white magic is «good» magic).
White abstract color symbolizes innocence, purity (white wedding dress) and unity. We also often meet with the fact that the color white is associated with death and in some cultures even is the color of mourning. In our language, for example, is a steady expression «deathly pallor». The color white is associated with death as a transition into a higher, immaterial world, and death is spiritual rebirth and renewal. That is why the white color in the process of spiritual transformation, spiritual path appears in the final stages – after the death of the «old» personality «mask» as a symbol of the spiritual birth of a new, more perfect person.

The color white means absolute freedom, resolve and a new beginning. (The expression «to give a “Carte Blanche» (white card) means to give unlimited authority, complete freedom of action, «to a white card» — exemption from military service).

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White Abstract
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