Yellow Abstract

Yellow Abstract

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Yellow is the brightest color of the spectrum, the most “sunny one”. It’s amazing, that yellow is a color of sun and a color of autumn. We know so many edges of yellow.

Due to this, it attracts a lot of attention, and combinations with other colors are perceived more naturally. When the yellow acts as an accent, that is, it should not be too much on the area.

Because of this lightness and brightness – the most popular markers in the world are yellow.
As you know, the names for colors in different languages have appeared gradually, and it is interesting that in many Indo-European languages, Russian including the word «yellow», «green» and «gold» are from the same root.
Yellow flowers in the language of flowers taken from the nobility of past eras, was «separation». Even now, when a man leaves a woman, he presents to her yellow roses. Also, it’s a sign of autumn and a common phrase: “the love has gone away”.

In Medieval Europe, yellow was considered the color of betrayal, Judas began to depict in yellow.
But the Golden color is often associated with love and attractiveness in many cultures the goddess of love described in one way or another connected with this color. From the Greek Aphrodite to the Nigerian Oshun which was usually decorated in yellow abstract.

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Yellow Abstract
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