When we think about the deer that comes to mind is a beautiful, gentle animal. However, they are not as safe as it seems at first, especially for themselves.

For example, when animals run in a herd, they may trample young individuals. Their population is diminishing, mainly because of hunters.

But let’s not dwell on this. Now, I will tell You interesting facts about reindeer.
So let’s start! Individuals of different subspecies have different horns size and length. This also applies to the size of the animal. This factor depends on the amount of consumed food and conditions.

Some of the deer, not the neck the hair is somewhat longer and it gives their kind generosity.

Males have more powerful neck than the females, and only males have antlers, which they shed in the spring. Horns of deer consist of several types of tissue, protective surface and thinner from the inside, which is supplied with blood vessels that feed the antlers with nutrients. These interesting facts about reindeer, relate primarily to their physiology, but this does not make them less entertaining.

The mating season of deer, as well as many other animals, such as wolves, lasts from April to November. In the body of the male generates a lot of testosterone, which greatly affects his behavior.
Before the beginning of the mating season deer are competing with each other for the opportunity to possess this or that female flock. Such competitions are very often cruel.

An alpha male can have a harem in which there are several females. Sometimes they can be about twenty. Avoiding your harem, or protecting it, the male may not eat for a very long time.

In the period of mating season, deer can make a loud roar, thus attracting females. Fascinating fun facts about reindeer, don’t You think?

In autumn the deer are heavily overgrown coat, which helps them not freeze in the winter.

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