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It is likely that the ancient descriptions of the Berserkers a few embellished. Nevertheless striking that all of them depict fierce warriors who fought with wild, downright furious passion. In written sources first mentioned the Berserkers skald Thorbjorn Hornklofi in the song about the victory of Harald Fairhair at the battle of Hafrsfjord, which took place presumably in 872,

In the literature, the Berserkers often appear in pairs, repeatedly from them twelve. They were considered the personal guard of the old Norse kings. This indicates the elitist nature of the warrior caste.

Immutable fidelity to the Lord is found in several places of the old sagas. In one of the sagas the king of the Danes of Hrolf the Crack was 12 the Berserkers, who were his personal guard: «Bedwar, Bjarki, Hjalti, Hojjat, Zwitsers, Kyun, Vert, Wiseti, Bigod and brothers Svipdag».

After the adoption in Scandinavia of Christianity the old pagan customs were forbidden, in particular, the men in animal skins. Published in Iceland act 1123 reads: «Seen in the rage of the Berserker will be signed 3 years references. Since then, the warriors-Berserkers disappeared, but still are present on our berserk wallpapers.

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