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Dear friends! I present to you my first attempt of writing a review of the game. Yes, it is not a simple game, but a sort of legend of his time. In the name of the game lies the essence of its original concept related to time travel and the consequences of these movements.

However, in this lies the origin of the game and the associated side effects. I will not address the issues related to the development of the game, however, it is no coincidence that the team of people who made the game in the West called dream team (dream team). This game is excellent in almost everything from music to graphics performance.

First I would like to tell the dear readers that the circumstances under which I became interested in this game and bought it.

It was a winter day in 2009 when I was passionate about solving their immediate problems, decided to play on his major legacy at the moment, PC. I played, as usual, your favorite Diablo 2 with the set addition Lord of Destruction. And here, passing it, like, every twenty fifth, I am deeply disappointed in the concept of this game, which is great character development (I’ll call it «image») and devastated scenery, nothing more is offered.

Very strange, but this was the last drop, after which I came to the conclusion that you need to quit gaming in General as they do not have the perfection that I was looking for, trying to get away from the imperfect real world. And because this is logical, because games and gaming industry is a product of the same world in which we live, with all its pluses and minuses. And at that moment I decided, like the famous French educator Rousseau, to go to the roots, but, of course, not in the sense that is meant a thinker. Then I was purchased brand new Super Nintendo entertainment system American sample.

From that moment on I played and played and played until I had free time. First game I began to hate to hit its austerity, but I began to remember those moments of childhood when I could get up at 6 am only to have to rush to play your favorite Super Nintendo (the console is not, because had to sell it in connection with disappointment in some European values, and with them — and in PAL format).

And going through game after game, I was able by that time to admit that it was a really great game of its time, made a significant contribution to the overall development of the gaming industry, but then I came across an amazing game that got me hard all the well-known international auction. This game I decided to buy purely because of the positive reviews that are in abundance, filled their sweet presence of the Internet. And it was IT, the great and terrible Chrono Trigger wallpaper!

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Chrono Trigger
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