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Cowboy Bebop wallpaper is all about a game.

In the future, people have successfully inhabited the planets in the Solar system, filled my life complex technologies, used to fly the spacecraft – and it remains the same. Not disappeared neither petty thieves nor the mafia syndicates, swindlers and tricksters, as before, fleecing the gullible poor, and selling drugs remains a highly profitable business. In 2017, the year honest people still difficult to stay afloat and baseness of betrayal is much more prestigious nobility. These are the laws of the genre Noir.

The characters of this show might seem familiar, because they were created under the impression of a well-known militant and gangster sagas. The main characters – «bounty hunters», who by chance was going on the ship Bebop 268170 and wander from port to port in search of suitable orders. This team of inbred individuals is difficult to call family or even friends, but something keeps them together – maybe hope for luck?..

The cult TV series, Sinitiro Watanabe has long been recognized as a classic. Among the advantages of this world-famous anime – a fascinating detective-adventure story, where he joined the Blues irony and sadness, great soundtrack, great ensemble, and voiced by, of course, the main characters: a former police officer jet black, a beautiful gambler faye Valentine, a young hacker ed, Ein, the most intelligent dog in the world, and spike Spiegel – «space cowboy» with a dark past and a habit of always risk…

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Cowboy Bebop
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