Death Note

Death Note wallpaper

Murder is a complex of actions, which can be solved. After all, the biblical commandment firmly beaten into us from childhood. Sometimes, of course, slips from some sweet thought, like ka would be nice to take revenge on the girlfriend to sleep with your best friend, and to drive the knife in this is named after buddy, or maybe a small business easier – how to administer the poison is not put off to the Professor, or so little: how your competitor accidentally fell out of the window… But beyond the fantasies and are not dangerous game, as a rule, it is not.

Even those who could cross all kinds of moral laws, are afraid of retribution. Now, if you had the ability to kill anyone who came not to the soul…if it were possible to kill them all, just making them filthy name in a special black notebook Death Note. This is the perfect murder weapon. No need to look for a gun or sharpening blades, knitting rope and extract the poison out of handy chemicals.

To do serious business, only need to name and present the appearance of the victim – a stroke of the pencil, and forty seconds, heart attack and death. And if the fantasy is played out, you can arrange interesting circumstances of death, like sickness, suicide or accident. No footprints, fingerprints, weapons invisibly. What would happen if writing in a notebook decides to go even further, deciding the fate not only of one small man, and endanger the whole world?..
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Death Note
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