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audi r8 wallpaper

Audi R8 wallpaper

Audi r8 wallpaper shows the first sports car in the history of Audi presented at the Paris motor show in 2006. Model features – mid-engined, ideal weight body, incredibly stylish design.

Create Audi R8 has enabled the company to confidently be placed in the most privileged class of cars, as the R8 has become a direct competitor to powerful and rapid 911 Porsche. Of course, the task of the designers was in fact not as complicated as the new supercar has inherited a lot of ready nodes from Lamborghini Gallardo: Audi AG since 1998, is the new owner of Lamborghini, engineers of German concern took active participation in the development of the latest models from the leader of the Italian automotive industry. In this regard, in the circles of motorists Audi R8 received an interesting nickname – Audighini.

The production model Audi R8 is organized exclusively in the production departments of the factory Quattro GmbH (Neckarsulm). The main specialization of the plant – exclusive all-wheel drive vehicles. In addition to the Audi R8, the conveyor of the plant went down, models such as Audi RS4 and Audi RS6.

All the power of a sports car in its original version was the installation of one of the two motors, the first being a 4.2-liter V8 with a power of 430 HP and maximum torque of 430 Nm. Motor goes in conjunction with robotic gearbox R Tronic, which makes possible the acceleration of the car is 4.6 seconds to the cherished 100 km/h. With this engine the car can conquer the highway with a maximum speed of 302 km/h.

The second engine variant – a more powerful 5.2-liter V10 with direct fuel injection. Motor power – 525 HP and a peak torque of 530 Nm. With this unit R8 reaches 100 km/h in only 3.9 seconds and a peak speed reaches 316 km/h. In addition to box R Tronic, a potential owner can choose a six-speed manual transmission.

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Audi R8
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