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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 wallpaper

The first instance of a Corvette was unveiled in 1953 Motorama. The so-called auto show, General Motors held very dedicated to Chevrolet a subsidiary company of GM). He imagined himself from a two-door coupe with a fiberglass body. Unusual for those years.

The engine also was not weak, his power was 150 HP, and the volume was made up to 3.9 L. But if you have to mention the automatic two-stage transmission, it is not surprising that followed the popularity of the model and the entire Chevrolet brand. Corvette wallpaper show the best cars ever.

After a few years in the car began to establish a variety of motors. Under the hood of a small body even managed to fit a fuel injected V8, with a volume of 4.6 L. He developed more than decent for those years, 283 horsepower and was the first Corvette motor with fuel injection system «Rochester Ramjet». The application of injection at the time called a response to Mercedes-Benz of sample 1954 (model 300L).

To imagine the scale of innovation, take note of the fact that companies such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porcshe and Jaguar did not use the injection up to 70-ies of the last century. Also do not forget about the manual transmission (three — or four-stage), often the first Corvette was sold with it. In 1962, inclusive, was carried out some design changes. The most significant of which is considered the front restyling 1958, when the car had 4 headlights, plus a modified, chrome grille and replace the rear of the 1961 — style «duck tail».

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
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