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Dodge Ram 2500

Dodge Ram 2500 wide hot

Dodge Ram 2500

The first generation was experimental and differed from subsequent generations of a pickup truck that is easy to see in the photo. In fact, it was a continuation of the previously released series pickups, from which he, looking at photos, not much different.

The indices of the capacity of the vehicle was the same Ford – 150, 250, 350, in line with the carrying capacity 500 kgs, 750 and 1000 respectively. A few years produced a version of the Ram 100 (only available as a two-door car), which was removed after the appearance of the car Dodge Dakota.

In 1994, Dodge introduced the second generation RAM, which is different new indices – 1500, 2500 and 3500. This classification was left to the next generations. But in 2008 the range has expanded RAM trucks 4500 and 5500.

The fourth and last generation of truck was shown in 2008 in the photo much as changed car for 30 years.

Technical characteristics of American car over the years undergone many changes. Lineup was expanded to be installed on car engines and transmissions, and increased the number of trim levels.

Compared with the eighties the car became much more spacious, its design brought in line with the modern requirements, has increased the number of available options.

A set of engines installed on the car was very diverse. Since dodge ram wallpaper show to us a division of Chrysler, it is not surprising that all the engines were great.

The car has mounted the engines of four types – 3.7, 3.9, 5.2, 5.9 liters. A large part of the engines were diesel and only with a 1989 Dodge Ram started to install the Cummins engine.

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Dodge Ram 2500
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