Abigail Spencer wallpaper

Abigail Spencer wallpaper

American actress Abigail Leigh Spencer was born on August 4th, 1981 in Gulf Shores-Breeze, Florida. She grew up in the company of brothers Yancy Senior and Junior Sterling. Their father Yancy Spencer III is a legend in the surfing world, so young Abigail Spencer from early childhood, carried herself well on the waves and helped her father in their family-run surf shop in Florida. Her film debut was in a TV project «All my children». Well known for her crime Thriller «Special view» in which Abigail Spencer played the lead role of FBI agent Angela Henson. In 2006, the premiere of the series, but the stream was only in the first season. In addition, Abigail Spencer — musician with experience. She has toured with the Church choir in Germany during his school years, she studied the art of drama and choreography at the University, in parallel trying to get on the Broadway stage. Nevertheless, it is the role of Rizzo in the student production of Grease inspired the producers of the series «All my children», and the young Abigail Spencer was invited on the set of the project. From that times we tool several Abigail Spencer wallpapers. In 2012, Abigail Spencer, appeared in the sports drama «chasing Mavericks». The plot is based on real events and tells the story of surfing legends Jay (Johnny Weston) and Hesson (Gerard Butler). They tried to conquer the highest waves in the world off the coast of California. Abigail Spencer played Brenda, the wife of Hesson. This image the actress borrowed from her mother: — My mother was a companion, a consummate surfer. She never stood on a Board, but well aware of his love of the water. She argued with her father and supported him at the same time. The screen hero Gerard Butler looks exactly the same as her father, especially when combed back hair. Only now, after watching the film, I realize what a huge part of my life is surfing.
In 2004, Abigail Spencer married to a producer at Disney, Andrew Pruett. 19 Sep 2008 the couple had a son Roman. In 2012, the actress filed divorce papers.

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Abigail Spencer wallpaper
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