Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer

Increasing meter ninety-five, slender, athletic, with slicked back hair — on the red carpet of the world twenty-five Humvee passes gait of the young Clint Eastwood. In the film about the inhabitants of Silicon Valley «the Social network» David Fincher hammer played both twins Winklevosses who sued the founder of Facebook Zuckerberg. And in the film about the inhabitants of the offices of the FBI, «George. Edgar» Clint Eastwood army rose to nearly tragic heights — reincarnated as Clyde Tolson, the longtime Deputy of J. Edgar Hoover, his alter ego and secret love of my life. Sixteenth March, the hammer will appear on the screens in the fantasy «snow white: Revenge of gnomes» in the image of the Prince who conquers first Julia Roberts, then a young star Lily Collins.
The geek, the gay, the hero roles are different, hammer one. Critics write that I came back actor a crushing, almost animal attraction, and compare Armie Hammer Pets of America — Gary Cooper. «If you ask them to describe the standard of the men of our time, I will say only two words: «Armie hammer» — admires Lily Collins. In addition, he successor of the legendary names: army great-great-grandfather, Julius hammer, emigrated to America from Odessa and founded in New York the Communist party, and his great-grandfather, a millionaire Armand hammer, was friends with Lenin and amassed one of the largest U.S. collections of works of art (which is named in his honor the world trade Center in Moscow). «Great-grandfather was a shark of the market, and I go the other way,» says Armey. I want to collect, and create art.»

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Armie Hammer
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