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Arnold Schwarzenegger wallpaper

Arnold Schwarzenegger wallpapers reveals – American super popular actor, an athlete, a bodybuilder, and 38th in a row the Governor of California. The story is beloved around the world actor says that everything is possible if you believe in yourself, work hard and not to retreat.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was born in a family of staunch Catholics. The father of the future actor was the head of the local gendarmerie, and his mother was a housewife, children – Arnold and his older brother were brought up in severity, forcing every weekend to attend Church. Later, the actor recalled in an interview that it was during these years spent in the rigors and needy, he had a dream akin to obsession to become rich and famous. Implementing it, he started at the age of 14. Then the world just became fashionable bodybuilding.

However, it is the future the terminator just did not pay attention. In those years he was passionate about football. Interestingly, the idea of becoming a bodybuilder gave him not even the father. At 14 years young Arnie accidentally hit on the world championship in weightlifting in Vienna. And there was delighted with the speech of a Russian weightlifter Yury Vlasov.

Plucking up courage, he approached the athlete and asked how to become as strong as him? «Genetically, you are unlikely to pull the rod, do some bodybuilding,» — said Russian weightlifter. More questions from Schwarzenegger. Soon Arnold began to work out in the gym, Liebenauer» in Graz.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger
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