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Avril Lavigne wallpaper show us one of the most “unstable” stars in modern music history. Everyone knows something about her. But let’s talk about some facts that you do not know.
1.Avalanches in the childhood wanted to become a police officer. Imagine how cool it is to chase a bunch of bad guys and «deal» with them.
2.Once the Avalanche led the entire teacher’s shock when in the course of the investigation it was proven that this 16-year-old student of a prestigious school wrote in the juice bottle to your homeroom teacher! And that this «cocktail» to drink safely.
3.Avril can fit inside of a suitcase that she carries with him on tour. «When I’m upset, I’m there. It’s like a little place where I can hide from everyone. Great to have such a place, Even better when you can take it and take with them to any part of the world.»
4.On the driver’s license she handed over 4 times.
5.In her middle name «Ramona»-6 letters.CD «Let Go»-got the 6 «Platinum». It seems the «6» its a «special» number!
6.Avril Lavigne for the first time in many years, was seen with a new hairstyle. Before a concert in Florida the stylists advised her to make a stunning spike! The result is a horrifying image. Beautiful hair and added big earrings.
7.In the past year came (in 2 parts) manga «Make 5 wishes»,the main character, who dreams to meet and become friends with Avril Lavigne.

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Avril Lavigne
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