Beyonce Knowles

Beyonce Knowles

Looking at Beyonc? wallpaper, I can’t believe, that the school future star teased for big ears. And the singer has repeatedly said that dissatisfied with their figure. Except she doesn’t like his ears and feet because they are very massive and pumped.

Its exotic appearance, Beyonc? was inherited from the mother, in which blood is mixed blood Indians, Frenchmen, Spaniards, natives from the Canary Islands and many other people belonging to different races, civilizations and cultures. In childhood Beyonc? was very ashamed of his appearance, stooping. Parents to daughter corrected posture, gave her a dance that she does today.

Friends are very often called the singer «Bee», «Moth» or «Juju» that means «Bee», «Butterfly» or «Amulet». Beyonc? scarring on the arm in the form of a Roman number 4 is the date of her marriage with rapper Jay-Z . Of the makeup products she prefers only the volume mascara. For the perfume Beyonc?’s allergies. Along with the Tommy Hilfiger brand to develop odors «True Star» and «True Star Gold».

After giving birth, Beyonc? scored 26 pounds overweight. The singer admits that tend to be overweight and had to constantly sit on diets. She prefers low-calorie diet and lemon diet, Stanley Burroughs, the secret of which in diet lemonade. To prepare it you need to a glass of distilled water or purified boiled water add freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons natural maple syrup without sugar and a pinch of ground red pepper. A day need to drink 6 glasses of the drink and nothing else to eat and not to drink. Now with the growth of 167 cm, the singer weighs 57 to 62 kg.

Beyonce is very kind. Once she almost broke the contract with the brand H&M, which did not accept photos of the singer. They found the form «a little overweight» and without permission retouched in Photoshop. And this aroused the anger of the stars. After the scandal, H&M had to fire shots without a drop of Photoshop.
Over the style of Beyonc? working fashion designer of Russian origin from new York’s Rubin singer.

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Beyonce Knowles
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