Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

As a teenager, Bruce Lee decided to master Kung Fu — these skills he needed to handle himself in street fights. Parents approved the choice of his son and gave him to study the art of Wing-Chun with the master Yip Manu. Thanks to the dancing, guy had an excellent coordination, which helped him to quickly learn the basics of technology Tactician. Since that time, Bruce Lee never stopped training. Study the style Bruce assumed the fight without weapons, the best athlete treated with the nunchaku.

Later he mastered judo, Jiu-jitsu and Boxing. In addition, he contributed to martial arts, inventing a new style of Kung Fu called in Jeet Kune Do. By the way, he taught this style at his own martial arts school, which in 1961 opened in the years of his life in the States. The lessons were expensive ($275 per hour), but the school of Bruce Lee had one fundamental difference from similar schools – it taught everyone, regardless of nationality, at that time, as other craftsmen undertake to teach only Asians.

As a teacher, Bruce has never stopped to improve their skills in Kung Fu, bringing every movement to perfection. He even created his own system of power, were later published his method of training, which is popular all over the world. Bruce Lee images free download
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Bruce Lee
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