Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Brice Willis longed for the stage and acting in search of happiness, he moved to New York. Here he worked as a bartender, played in the band «the Accelerators,» playing the harmonica. By chance one day at the bar was the Manager, looking for actors for the performance of a cameo role of the bartender. So Bruce got his first role.
Become famous and highly paid actor was not immediately. For several years Bruce Willis starred in the episodes on TV and played small roles in theatrical productions. After a few rounds, Bruce noticed and offered a role in the television series «Detective Agency «Moonlight», which was published from 1985 to 1989. Now not very easy to imagine Bruce Willis in the Comedy scene.
One of the first major roles performed by Bruce, was the image of Walter Davis in the film «Getting a blind date with Kim Bassinger. And who knows what’d turn around in the fate of the actor, if not for the offer to star in the movie «Die Hard» (1988).
Die Hard — the movie that made Bruce Willis a superstar of the present and firmly established his reputation as the hero’s single. In «Die Hard» Bruce has independently performed the greater part of the tricks. In world hire «Die Hard» has collected more than $ 130 million.
After the heady success of «Die Hard» (presented in Bruce Willis wallpaper) in 1989, Bruce has played a supporting role in the drama «In the province» where they appear in the image of the Vietnam veteran. And in the same year, the audience heard the voice overs in the movie «look who’s talking», and then in the second part.
In the late ‘ 80s Bruce became known as a musician working in a country style. Actor even released two solo albums in the style of Blues country. However, the Russian audience in this role, Willis is not known.

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Bruce Willis
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