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Chris Evans

Chris Evans wallpaper

Chris Evans was born in an ordinary family, his father was a dentist and his mother a dancer. Ever since childhood, Chris dreamed that someday he will play in the movie, and it will speak the whole world. However, to realize the dream is not so easy when there are no influential friends that would help to break into the scene. But Chris did not despair, and the dream kept warm in his heart.

At age 18 he graduated from the high school of Lincoln, and went to new York to pursue his dreams. He has participated in many auditions and rejections it did not disturb, because Chris knew that sooner or later he will succeed. And so the next year he finally got a coveted role in the series «Newcomers».

Despite the fact that he starred in low-budget films, however, he managed to demonstrate his talent. And so that the audience could feel as the Comedy in his role and drama.

Only at 24 years old, Chris Evans finally got what I always dreamed of, it became popular and viewers started to learn, from that time we stat to show Chris Evans wallpapers. The film, which starred Chris called «Fantastic four». And, indeed, the plot of this film swept across the world and allowed viewers to learn about the existence of the talented actor Chris Evans.

After that, he did not have to participate in the auditions, because invitations to star in movies falling on him from everywhere. Chris Evans, whose biography is of concern to many fans, also starred in many commercials, and even music videos.

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Chris Evans
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