Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke was born on October 26th 1986 in London. Her mother was engaged in business, and her father worked in one of the smaller London theatres by the sound technician. All the childhood she spent away from the noisy city, in a provincial Berkshire.

Little Amelia chose her future profession in 3 years, when I got to dad’s work. Magical world of the scenes fascinated her, and she decided to devote her life to the stage. Later she moved to Oxford and started to go to St. Edward, where she learned the basics of acting and even got the role in several productions.

After graduation, the young Emilia Clarke returned to her hometown and enrolled at the London drama centre.
Although Emilia Clarke is now known primarily for its role in the TV series «Game of thrones», the main her acting achievements still have to the stage. In 2007 she became one of the leading Actresses of drama theatre after her role in the play Chekhov’s «Wild honey» got very good reviews from critics. In the same year she played the main role in the play «Pygmalion».

The young actress was noticed by the Directors of various theatres and was invited to their performances. The next 2 years for Clark was very busy – she took part in eight performances, including » Midsummer night’s Dream», «Rise and Shine», «Emilia Galotti».

After graduating from the London drama center, Emilia Clarke moved to Los Angeles, where she got a job at Company Of Angels, one of the oldest theatres in Hollywood. Play «Chuvstva» was for girls a successful debut in the theater, but was the only one. At that time the actress seriously started to think about the movie.

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Emilia Clarke
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