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Eva Green

Eva Green

Eva Green was born on July 6th, 1980, 2 minutes ahead of her twin -sister. Her native city is Paris. May be the glamorous appearance, the actress and model is obliged by amazing mixture of blood: the father of Eve — one half French, the other Swedish, and Even the name of Green, in fact, read in a Swedish manner «Gran» and her mother is French with Algerian roots. The singer calls her bourgeois family, traditional, considers herself absolutely not like her sister, the present wife of an Italian count.

Upon completing her education, Eva Green plays in theatre, where she sees the controversial cult film of Director Bertolucci «The Dreamers». «Beautiful obscene» he says about the actress and her character strips naked. The heroine of «Dreamers» — a spoiled Parisienne, Sirotkina, relaxed, easy going to sexual experimentation.

The role in the Hollywood movie «Kingdom of heaven» of Ridley Scott has brought to her worldwide fame. After going through 6 toughest shots, Eva Green plays a Queen of Jerusalem. And although the film was ambiguously received by critics, dialogues and portrayal of the characters raised questions, the actress praised for their commitment and note that it really rests with the Royal article, downplaying the shortcomings of the role.

In 2014, Eva Green starred in the second part of odious film «300 Spartans», where her powerful energy attracts the attention of the audience, so that even strong male characters are somewhat pale in contrast with her.

In the same 2014 came out the film, which people were waiting for — » Sin-City 2: a Woman is worth a killing», where the image of the fatal beauty of Eva Green was very successful and also more memorable to the viewer. Eva Green wallpapers are perfect in showing all her beauty.

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Eva Green
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