Imogen Poots

Imogen Poots

Imogen Gay Poots (full name of actress) was born in the capital of foggy Albion on Jun 3rd 1989 in the family of television producer Trevor Puts. Imogen was the second child – the actress has an older brother named Alex.
As a child, little Imogen dreaming of another profession – she wanted to be a veterinarian. However, this was not to happen during operations on animals, the girl lost consciousness, which naturally put an end to her proposed career of a medical professional.
At the same time, Imogen started to attend acting courses famous company «Young Blood Theatre Company@, where she achieved considerable success in mastering the actor’s craft.
Thanks to the excellent diploma in 2008 Putts became a student of the art Institute. However, it decided to postpone the study indefinitely in connection with the employment of numerous film and television projects. Also, the actress was associated contractual obligations with the famous model Agency «Select Model Management».
Her conquest of the Hollywood Imogen began, starring in a cameo role in one episode of the TV project «a Disaster.» For the first time in cinema Putts lit up in dramatic dystopian James Maktiga «V for Vendetta». The young actress played a role where she was allotted a single replica, however, she brilliantly coped with the task, then Putts drew the attention of Spanish Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and invited to one of the main roles in a post-apocalyptic horror film «28 weeks later» the sequel horror movie by Danny Boyle «28 days later».
After painting on large screens Imogen Poots woke up famous. The actress received praise from critics about their work, public recognition, and was included for Her stellar role in the list of the five best young English actors and Actresses.
Further career Putts started to develop with surprising swiftness and panache – her excitedly invited to participate in their projects venerable film Directors. To date, the Treasury of creative victories Imogen many minor and major roles in the paintings of various genres of American and European cinema, such as «Waking Madison», «Cracks», «a sex addict», «centurion», «Teas», «fright Night», «Rule No. 3», «Who will get the diamond», «Dirt», «that awkward moment», «the Long fall», «Need for Speed: need for speed» and many others. Also the actress had several successful roles in television movies.

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Imogen Poots
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