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Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly

In front of the camera actress appears thirty-two years from her forty-two. Jennifer Connelly wallpaper show to you already a lady, but before that a child appeared in advertising for Newspapers, magazines and TV. In twelve years caught the eye of Director Sergio Leone, who offered her a role in one of the most famous movies of the XX century «Once in America».

And no matter how hard in the future actress to break away from the annoying Melpomene, she did not back down one step. Jennifer did not consider acting his vocation and hated the modeling business: «I remember pictures of her jumping on the trampoline in fancy dress — so startled.» But a year later after escaping to Yale in the English Department, she received congratulations on the next premiere of the film «Career opportunities». In the end, deciding to quit linguistics, she transferred to Stanford to study acting, but even there, the work did not give rest: leaving the study, Connelly moved to Los Angeles and resigned to fate. But not with a Hollywood tinsel instead to sit and talk about his talent and creativity on the background of the hills, it ran for three weeks in the Himalayas, or went with the family camping in the woods: «True beauty is true. You need to be honest with yourself and not try to someone to imitate.»

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Jennifer Connelly
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