Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is a striking American actress, who became famous thanks to her beauty and acting talent. Among her best films there are popular blockbusters, but because, looking at our today’s heroine, each of the readers are unlikely to have long to puzzle over which her paintings can be seen. Thanks to many favorite movies, Katherine Heigl has long seemed to the audience someone like a good old friend. But what do we know about this blonde beauty?

The life story of one of the most prominent Hollywood Actresses of our time, we decided to present today. As for show business, his first steps in this world, the actress did at the age of nine. Decisive role in this respect played Amateur photos her New York aunt, who later accidentally (or not quite) fell into the hands of the famous American photographers. So Catherine got her first job. Katherine Heigl hot pictures were published in the most famous magazines. She was posing for fashion catalogs of children’s and teen clothing, receiving a decent reward in the amount of 70-75 dollars per hour. The business model at one point, brought our heroine to the world of cinema. In 14 Catherine played her first role in the film «This night». Right after there was the drama of the cult film Director Steven Soderbergh’s «King of the hill». And behind it, in turn, new roles.

Methodically climbing to the heights of world cinema, talented American played all new movies. «Calling the storm», «Insect Attack», «Under siege 2», «Prince valiant», «Make a wish» — all this is not a complete list of the early works of our today’s heroine. In different years its partners in the shooting were Steven Seagal, Danielle Harris, Peter Fonda and some other movie stars.

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Katherine Heigl
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