Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri

Kwon Yuri is one of nine members of one of the most famous groups in Korea. «Girls Generation» on the scene for 6 years, but their fame and celebrity just increases and increases every year. The rumor about the 9 is charming, charismatic and talented girls went through many countries, not leaving indifferent, neither America, nor Japan, where particularly high sales of their records. Truly Queen. Few can resist them. Every released album, mini-album or single is first in various charts and hit parades after a couple of hours.

Girls are always friendly, kind and outgoing, especially with his many fans. For each other they are not just colleagues, but best friends, if not sisters. They can be fun to spend the whole night together, discussing all sorts of stuff, sharing their problems, watching movies or throwing each other with pillows. In the beginning, naturally, there were some quarrels. Difficult to get used to the 8 unknown girls, with whom you’re forced to live, to communicate and just to see them 24 hours a day. However, the power of time has done its job.

A fourth album, Girls Generation — I got a boy» brought girls to the U.S. market. This song and the music video won in the category ‘Video of the Year’ on ‘Awarding YTMA 2013″.
The last of their Korean work is the fourth mini-album «Mr. Mr». SNSD proved itself again with a completely new side, having won more than one heart. But few know that the idea of creating a clip suggested Yuri…

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Kwon Yuri
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