Lena Meyer Landrut

Lena Meyer Landrut

Lena Meyer? – you might say. Who is this, supposedly? And this young German brunette who won in 2010, «Eurovision» in Oslo. The young lady sang the song Satellite and cheerfully jump on the Turks and Romanians with a margin of almost eight dozen points, while Plushenko skating around did not go. And even the voice of the girl was not the strongest, she is able to PR just in time and spared no effort: on the eve of «Eurovision» in Germany broke out Gran shkandal around the three-minute video, where minor and Lena naked splashing in the pool with a young man, kisses him and scratch his back nails. Then the swimmers in the video nastukivat the police, and they barely pulled his pants, fleeing in fear of the justice… to See how rosy Lena, flashing her seductive curves, jumps into the pool, it’s almost the same people as watched the video for the song participating in the Eurovision song contest!

Discussion around a controversial movie was the most violent, the most zealous fighters for the purity of the nation fought for that not to allow Lena to the contest. But the victory of justice, because, in truth, nothing terrible bathers in the movie and not doing, although it was mostly all the same not about the absence of panties, and on the minority main character… But whatever it was, and all this polopopo the incident greatly added Lena chances to win.

Born Lena Meyer-Landrut in 1991 in Hanover, grew up without a father, also known their grandfather, an Estonian, who has twice been Ambassador to West Germany in the USSR. Other children in the family was not, so if the child wanted to dance, she danced till you drop: first, in a mug for kids, then in the ballet Studio, and then moved on to modern dance, including hip-hop. In parallel, the girl flashed in the TV series in the background, professional education had, and it was acquired with great difficulty, because the preparation for «Eurovision» took up all her time.

Further biography of Lena Meyer still revolves around the «Eurovision»: the party of the CDU delighted demanded to reward the girl by the Federal cross for winning the contest and Angela Merkel called it «a wonderful symbol of the young Germany.» Now the national pride of the country externally finishes training and is preparing again to represent Germany at Eurovision in 2011 with the song Taken by a Stranger, where the audience gave their sympathy.

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Lena Meyer Landrut
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