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Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

The real debut of Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie took place in 1991. Leonardo starred in the comedy horror film «Сritters 3». Immediately behind then, he began to work in the painting series «Growing pains», but soon received more good offer in the project «This boy’s Life». Here the young artist first worked with the star of the first magnitude – with Robert De Niro.

Leonardo has long wanted to star in a different role: sugary handsome he is great enough. And the chance came in 1993 when he was offered to play a mentally retarded boy, Arnie, brother of the protagonist. His brother played Johnny Depp. For this work, DiCaprio was first nominated for «Oscar». At that time, he was only 19 years old.
Beginning from 1995, Leonardo appears in a number of acclaimed films that made it recognizable and popular. First of all, the Western “The Quick and the dead», where the artist played along with Russell Crowe and Sharon Stone. Immediately followed by the film «Total Eclipse», where DiCaprio appeared in the title role, playing a poet-homosexual Arthur Rimbaud. This year finally he got his Oscar, which was running away from him 5 long years. Leonardo DiCaprio wallpapers show you all the best moment in his career.

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Leonardo Dicaprio
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