Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

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These people not only well-known and successful, but also devilishly beautiful. They blow the imagination of millions of fans and admirers. Love them, envy them, talking about them and dreaming. But the stars themselves often do not consider themselves gods, and just live, work, engage in normal human relationships. And yet, one look at them and want to watch again and again.

Judging by the five major international beauty pageants (Miss universe, Miss world, Miss Earth, Miss international, Miss Supranational), the most beautiful women of the planets should be considered a Filipino, as they have won all of these five competitions, this was not possible for even the Venezuelan. The secret of success of Filipinos in the universality of their appearance, combining the signs of Mongoloid, Caucasoid and Australoid races. Many Americans, Canadians, or Europeans would prefer for marriage of all Asian women is the Filipino not only for beauty but also due to the lack of language barrier (in the Philippines almost all speak English, because the country is a former American colony), as well as religious: 90% of Filipinos are Christians.

Filipinos — not a single nation but a group of people. The so-called 100-million population of the Philippine Islands, and the descendants of immigrants from the Philippines residing in other countries, for example, in the USA there are 3.5 million Filipinos.

Marian Rivera wallpaper demonstrate to you this Philippian actress, with youth starred in the television series, and later moved into feature films. Most famous roles – in films «My best friend», «Island of temptation» and «You to me are everything».

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Marian Rivera
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