Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe

Wallpaper Marilyn Monroe – is must have for each and every one. Today Marilyn Monroe would have turned 90 years old, but the diva is already long dead. It knows almost everyone, but few people know that she was very uncertain and complex man
1. M. Monroe was born in 1926, but she still is an icon of beauty and femininity. And few know that her life was not as carefree as it seems.
2. Marilyn was afraid that the audience will consider it a «thoughtless fool», so heavily worked in various acting studios.
3. Almost all of the legacy Marilyn Monroe bequeathed to a close friend Lee Strasberg. «I think Lee has changed my life more than any other person,» the diva wrote in her diary.
4. Despite the fact that Marilyn is considered a sex symbol, in her diary she admitted: «I have always been really stiff physically. I was always sure that with me something not so.”
5. In addition, the actress who was and remains a role model for many, every day with anyone met, communicated with, was very closed and actually feared the people. In addition, she was married three times, but each time was afraid to walk down the aisle. «I always was terribly afraid of being someone’s wife, because life taught me that no man can love another until the end, really.»

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Marilyn Monroe
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