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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

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The artist, during his lifetime received the title of King of pop, not just wrote a lot of hits, he completely changed show business and mass culture.
Dance to turn one passage into a symbol of mass culture? Yes, those who were capable of such, in the history of show business can be counted on the fingers.

Jackson’s «moonwalk» made him not just a star but a superstar. Invented the «gait» not Michael, but he did not insist on the authorship. Look on YouTube black-and-white archival recording of a performance tap dancer bill Bailey — in the end he demonstrates the «reverse slide», as it was called back then. Film dated to the mid-50s. Chip Bailey was picked up by all and Sundry, from David Bowie to characters’ fashion film «Flashdance». But the epoch-making Moonwalk became Michael Jackson. The tap dancer bill Bailey did not see how his «reverse slide» went down in history — he died in 1978, five years before the triumphant premiere of «moonwalk».

In 1982, when he released the album Thriller Jackson, songs of black artists was not nearly in the national hit parade United States. The move was the racial segregation — in other words, a large American showbiz black artists really disliked. Jackson broke all the barriers. First song The Girl Is Mine, the duet with Paul McCartney, was in the TOP 20, opening the way in the charts of artists with a title of, say, skin color. And then the album itself climbed to the fifth position, which was a triumph of talent and will.

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Michael Jackson
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