Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

November 23 Miley Cyrus turns 23 years old. Real name Actresses — Destiny Hope. Called baby names that mean «Fate» and «Hope», parents hoped that the daughter will have a great future. They were not mistaken: over 15 years in show business, Miley managed to be a nice kid, at least a sweet teenager, but in the end turned into a fun monster that reckless.

Miley knows that to shock the audience very easily. Nowadays quite a cigarette in her mouth, to cause a scandal. And so it happened, when Cyrus began smoking on public in one of the secular parties. While parents of young Miley fans came to her, the singer went on. Recently on her Instagram she posted a photo with the device for Smoking dope and signed this ambiguous picture with the word «dessert».

Miley doesn’t like to wear a lot of clothes. This is especially true of the upper body. For her own comfort, her nipples close enough to the labels used by strippers. As such, the singer comes to a party, for example for the after party after the show of Alexander Wang in New York. It is easy to guess that on other star guests of the after party, reporters immediately stopped paying attention.
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Miley Cyrus
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