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Initially, that the performance of spectacular tricks in the air can be a real art, a distinct form of motorcycle sport, nobody thought. Crossman always used some «tricks» in order to change the trajectory of the motorcycle during a jump using jumper table. The so-called Whip («whip») – the first trick included in the Arsenal of the freestylers. As the blipping or gas release during a jump can affect the bike (to lift up the front wheel or conversely, lower it), with removal of the rear wheel side, the drivers affect the flight speed and «chose» the point of landing. And of course, incredible jumps under the checkered flag – the work on the audience part of the show any super casual race not only in the United States, but around the world.

It seems that everything is just the acceleration; the entrance to the ramp, jump into the void and landing on the clay or sand receiver. No pressure from the opponents, no time limit, no checkered flags, no starting machines. However, the nascent freestyle demanded more enthusiast – first of all, iron health, patience and a lot of imagination. After all, no methods and schools for the training of motorcycle stunts at that time was not! By the way, there are no they and now. Valuable experience is passed from one rider to another in person. Besides, preparation tricks linked to a serious threat of getting injured due to some minimal defects, errors, miscalculation.
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