Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer

Talented person is talented in everything — it’s about Natalie Dormer, who manages to combine an acting career with poker and fencing.
She was born 11 February 1982 in reading in the UK. Her mother kept house and raised children: Natalie has two older brothers. Financial security family has been in my stepfather, working on construction sites. The biological father, the actress does not remember any conversations about it suppresses.
In six years Natalie Dormer went to school Reading Blue Coat» – the behavior and academic performance of girls were at a height that pleased her teachers. After school dedicated student engaged in school dances. Classmates didn’t love Natalie – perhaps envied her. She not only danced, but also sang beautifully, was a fencer. But the mother was proud of her daughter and all her support.
The family believed that Natali gives hope for the academic future of the family». After high school she went to study in Cambridge, but she doesn’t have enough points. Then 18-year-old Natalie Dormer has submitted documents to the Academy of dramatic arts in London. Very quickly she became one of the best students.
The girl says she is always inspired by actress cate Blanchett.
The first film role Natalie had in 23 years. It was the historical drama «Casanova,» in which the debutante had to play with the stars of British Movies Sienna Miller and Jeremy irons. Dormer did not lose Victoria in her performance was lively and interesting, Holy innocents with cunning and feminine guile.
After the role, the actress was noticed by the Directors. The film company «Disney Touchstone» offered her a contract to participate in three films, but for obvious reasons it was not implemented.
Sometime Natalie Dormer is not removed, then she was offered a small role in the TV series «Distant shores». Turning point in the career of the actress began in 2007 when she was invited for the role of Anne Boleyn in «the Tudors». The audience admired the grace of the girl and her talented play. Perhaps in this work, Natalie has helped genes. Her family was Jane Dormer, a lady-in-waiting of Queen Mary Tudor. And the actress loves a historical film, reviewing it several times. Her favorite movie is «Queen Margot».

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Natalie Dormer
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