Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge

Tall and slender girl (178 cm) burdened by its surroundings and it is not surprising that fourteen years Natasha Henstridge leaves her father’s house and quitting school to try their luck in a career centerfold. Moved to Paris and then New York, and for five years working as a fashion model. In 15 years, her picture emblazoned on the cover of the French edition of «Cosmopolitain». For the years of participation in the modeling business promoted such brands as «Lady Stetson», «Old Spice».

Then, there was an attempt to stop and take the height of dramatic roles. We posted several Natasha Henstridge wallpaper from that period of work. A series of action interrupts the work with the renowned Brazilian Director Fabio Barreto, Oscar, who invited Natasha for the lead role in the melodrama «The Beautiful Donna.»
After passing several TV series and films made for television, the actress once again gets invitation to big-budget picture, the most fruitful was her 2000, «bounce», «The whole nine yards». Next year it will return to the world of cinefantastique — «Ghosts of Mars” directed by John carpenter, where she replaced the retired in the last second, Courtney Love.

The past seven years shows that actress trying to find herself in the new century. Good luck here yet. But the desire doesn’t stop there, according to critics, allows to hope that your calling Henstridge chose correctly.
Recent work on the big screen are «the Expendables» and the sequel «Ten yards» (2004). In 2007, the screen goes to her new job «Tourist».

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Natasha Henstridge
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