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Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger

We’d like to tell you the youth story of this star. Nicole Scherzinger hd wallpapers will show you some steps of her career.

Nicole Proscovia Elikolani Valiente Scherzinger (her full name) was born on June 29th, 1978 in Hawaii, in Honolulu, in the family of the choreographer of traditional dances of the Hawaiian — Russian half and half of Hawaiian and Filipino. Its unusual name future celebrity was due to mixing it in Russian, Hawaiian and Filipino blood (her grandmother was originally from Vladivostok).

Mother gave birth to Nicole, while still quite young — 18 years. Shortly after birth, she left her father. Therefore, Nicole spent her childhood in the town of Louisville, where her mother moved from Hawaii. Her mother soon married a second time and Nicole’s stepfather appeared, and then a half-sister.

Grandfather of the future sex symbol was a priest, so the family was dominated by very strict morals. Little Nicole was forced to wear a long dress and behave modestly. The asceticism of everyday life compensated for the passion baby dance: her mother, a professional choreographer, taught her daughter all the tricks of dancing and at a young age Nicole was sure would become a star of the stage. Nicole attended a local art School and appeared on the stage of small theaters. After graduating from a high school she went to Wright University, as a young actress.

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Nicole Scherzinger
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