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Sarah Brightman was born on August 14th, 1960 in Berkhamsted — English town, located near London. She was the oldest child in the family, other than Sarah, had five children. Father, Grenvil Brightman, was the builder. When Sarah was three years old, her mother, Paula Brightman (née Hall), addicted to to a ballet and theatre arts, identified the girl in Smartskey ballet school. Since childhood, Sarah Brightman went to an art school. In the three years she attended ballet lessons at the Elmhurst School and appeared in local festivals. At the age of 12 Sarah was playing in a theatrical production under the direction of John Slessinger «Me and albert» at the Piccadilly theatre in London. Sarah received two roles: the role of Vikki, eldest daughter of Queen Victoria, and the role of a street tramp.

The girl was delighted. This experience forever instilled in her a love of the stage. At age of 14, Sarah Brightman started singing, at 16 became a dancer in the television series Pan’s People. In 1978, Sarah met her first husband, Andrew Graham Stewart, who was the Manager of the German group Tangerine Dream and was her senior by seven years (the marriage lasted until 1983). Sarah Brightman pictures with her husband were published in Voque.
She sings like a bird. Rumors say that she even wants to go on the spaceship and sing there.

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Sarah Brightman
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