Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Although Glau Summer was born near the Mexican border, but her ancestors are not from Latin America. They were Germans, Irish and Scots.
She has two younger sisters Christy and Kathleen. Her father is a General contractor and her mother was a school teacher. Grandfather was a pilot in the air force and traveled all over the world.
Due to the very intense ballet class, Summer was home-schooled. The training was conducted by her mother Marie, from 3rd to 12th grade. Mostly Summer she studied ballet, but she also played tangos and flamenco. His entire youth she spent on the stage of the majestic Theater, playing in such plays as Le Bourgeois Honour, The Happy Widow, Peer Gynt or Paint Your Wagon. She danced solo and with 14 years he performed with the Symphony orchestra.
This continued until that fateful day when her house phone rang. Summer ran through the living room to get the phone, and accidentally got a foot in the fireplace, hurt her foot and broke my thumb. Her legs already ached, and then she couldn’t even step on one foot. 4-month Summer danced with a fracture, even though it caused excruciating pain.
The year 2000 was a turning point for her. 19 years old Summer went to Los Angeles to spend the Summer with a friend. But overall samples and job right there. She still danced, but could not wear the shoes every day. Year Summer danced the tango until she was offered a job in advertising. Feeling that is on the right path, she decided to move to Los Angeles and began to work hard to become an actress.
His first small role played Summer in the TV series Josh Vedana -«ANGEL» (2002), in the now classic episode “Waiting in the Wings. There she was able to demonstrate her acting and ballet skills. When the Director chose her for this role, not looking as she dances, the choreographer was in a panic. In that episode, she had to dance Giselle, one of the most difficult roles in the classical ballet. The role that Summer and never had a chance to play in real life. And she did it. She did it and convinced the choreographer that she’s a born ballerina.

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Summer Glau
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