Tom Hardy movies

Tom Hardy movies

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Tom Hardy under the supervision of talented teachers, who once taught Anthony Hopkins, studied 3 years. But when he was called to play ordinary John in the popular TV series «Brothers in arms», an aspiring actor decided that it’s time to finish studies. He starred in this film about the Second world war, but there was no success. But the Thriller «The fall of the Black hawk «, released in the same year, «light up» a young artist.

But soon Tom Hardy changes the subject and appears on the screen in the melodrama «dot over an i». It seems melodramatic direction is not liked Hardy because he switches back to the militaristic paintings. For the filming of another war picture, he even moved to North Africa. The most notable film of this period is “The tape of the enterprise”. It’s a sci-Fi film. It is followed by even more successful work. This is a project with a huge budget, the size of which is up to sixty million dollars. Name of the movie «Star trek: Nemesis». This picture many consider to be a real springboard in the career of Hardy.

For operation in the following picture Tom Hardy came in his native England. He was invited to the role of the hero in the Thriller «LD50: Lethal dose». This movie was released in 2003 and told the audience a dramatic story about the attacks of a terrorist group Greenpeace at the laboratory where the experiments were conducted on animals.
I must say that Tom Hardy movies successfully combined with his roles on the stage. In 2003, he even won a prestigious theatre award for his work in productions of «Arabia, we shall be kings» and «Blood». Through the year is another award – Laurence Olivier.

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Tom Hardy movies
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