Yo-Landi Visser

Yo-Landi Visser

On March 3rd, the singer of the group “Die Antwoord” Yolandi Visser turned 30. South Africa captivated millions of listeners with her unique performing style, extravagant hair, «supernatural» makeup and bright concert costumes. Few people know that Yolandi is an exemplary mother of two children and an aspiring actress. We have selected the young singer, remembered by the fans and unusual appearance and strange manners, and hidden from the public eye the UPS and downs of her personal life and put it all in the Yo-landi Visser wallpaper.

South African rap singer Yolandi Visser became a star recently, though studied music since she was 17. In her youth, she moved from the capital of South Africa Pretoria more lively and cosmopolitan Cape town, she met the future father of her daughter, Sixteen, musician, rapper and producer Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja. Yolandi became his personal assistant in the project Max Normal, and then civil wife.

At the moment, the musicians have released three albums, and their fan base grows exponentially with each new outrageous clip. Although on stage and in videos Yolandi seems a little «not from this world», in real life, according to her friends, fans and journalists, she is very humble and calm, a caring mother of two children (after breaking up with a Ninja who stayed her best friend, Yolandi was adopted by a South African orphan Tocchi) tries to spend as much time as possible with her family in Los Angeles, where she moved in 2013. But Yolandi is not without ambition: they say she is keen to become an actress, and a talented artist has already done — in the Neill Blomkamp film «Robot named Chappy».

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Yo-Landi Visser
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