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Antarctica wallpaper

The territory of Antarctica belongs to no one – no country in the world;Antarctica has an area code and own flag as we see on Antarctica wallpaper. Antarctica is the southernmost continent; the Area of Antarctica is 13 million kilometers. 661 a thousand kilometres of Antarctica in ancient times was depicted on the maps even before its official opening.

Then it was called «the Unknown southern Land» (or «Australis Incognita»);

the warmest period – the month of February. This month – time for «shift change» scientists at the research stations;

Area of the continent of Antarctica around 52 million km;

Antarctica is the second largest after Australia; Antarctica has no official government and the public;

Antarctica has an area code and own flag as we see on Antarctica wallpaper.

On the blue background of the flag is drawn the outline of the continent of Antarctica;

it is considered that the first human scientists in Antarctica was a Norwegian Karsten later Borchgrevink.

But here the historians differ in opinion, because there is documentary evidence that on the continent of Antarctica first stepped Lazarev and Bellingshausen with his expedition;

Opened in 1820, January 28;

In Antarctica has its own currency, existing only on the continent;

In Antarctica recorded the world’s lowest temperature of 91.2 below zero Celsius;

The maximum temperature is above zero in Antarctica is 15 degrees; the Average summer temperature is minus 30-50 degrees; annual rainfall is not more 6 inches of rain;

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