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Australia wallpaper

  • 1.Australia is considered a country of contrasts, because civilized city nearby deserted beaches.
  • 2.In ancient times, lived in Australia more than 30 thousand natives.
  • 3.In Australia least likely violated the law.
  • 4.Australian citizens do not spare money for playing poker.
  • 5.Most Australian women live to 82 years.
  • 6.Australia has the biggest fence in the world.
  • 7.Australia created the first radio for lesbians and gays.
  • 8.Australia is the second state in which women have the right of choice on the ballot.
  • 9.The largest number of poisonous animals are in Australia.
  • 10.The Aussie, who didn’t show up to the polls, agrees to pay a fine.
  • 11.Australian home are poorly insulated from the cold.
  • 12.It Australia introduced the fashion for all well-known ugg boots, here is some of the on our Australia wallpapers.
  • 13.Australians never leave tips in restaurants and cafes.
  • 14.In the supermarkets of Australia sold kangaroo meat, which is considered an alternative option of lamb.
  • 15.A snake that lives in Australia, can kill his poison from a hundred people.
  • 16.Australians own the Grand victory in football, the score was 31-0.
  • 17.Australia is famous for its unique service «Flying doctor».

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