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1.In terms of population Brazil takes the 5th place in the world.
2.The national sport of Brazil is soccer, so in all the cities of this state there is at least 1 stadium.
3.In Brazil the most delicious coffee drink.
4.The official religion in this country.
5.People who live in Brazil tend to be the first. This is the key difference among other people.
6.Brazil has huge numbers of transgender people, so in public places by them was created as a separate toilets.
7.74% of Brazilians are Catholics.
8.In Brazil, the most brutal police.
9.Brazil won 5 times in football and has won the world Cup.
10.Only in Brazil held 4-day carnival because the people of this state love dancing shown on brazil wallpapers.
11.In Brazil any girl in the street might hear a compliment addressed to his priests, and is a sign of decency.
12.When meeting with a woman in Brazil decided to kiss her two cheeks.
13.A drink of the Brazilian people considered cocoa.
14.Brazil is the largest producer of apples.
15.Elementary school students in Brazil should give their milk teeth to the class teacher.
16.Married women in Brazil do not change names and just combine the 2 names.

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